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We advise companies on strategic programmes and campaigns to engage their target audience we develop effective CSR concepts or campaigns for companies. It is our objective to assist companies to develop strategic national and international citizenship programmes and community outreaches that produce measurable bene-fits for the company and the com-munity as a whole. We advise our clients on how to be socially and environmentally responsible.

We advise on the following

We design and execute CSR strategies for companies and effectively communicate their executed programmes to their stakeholders.
We plan, implement and manage entire volunteer programmes and initiatives. Our pro-posals are mostly based on thorough research to ensure effective maximization of volunteer efforts
we advice on strategic corporate giving in relevant areas that will be beneficial to the goals of company and to the community.

We engage in fundraising activities for NGOs, SMEs and Social Entrepreneurs.

Internal and external communication are critical to ensuring the success of any community outreach program. Communicating a community out-reach programme is relevant to ensuring its success that is why KCC assists companies to leverage on their programmes by effectively developing;

  1. Employing appropriate messages for internal and external audiences.
  2. Identifying appropriate communication media
  3. Developing presentation
  4. Press Releases, Speech Writing


We execute corporate social responsibility campaigns, policies and programmes on behalf of companies and organization.
We help companies to implement and man-age their strategic programmes and policies. Companies with limited expertise, time and staffing resources, can rely on our experienced team to execute out their plans.

Our areas of interest


Through our educational programme and mentoring schemes we engage both Junior and Senior high school children to change anti-social behaviours among the youth and inspire them to work towards their life aspirations.


Through partnership with health and environmental organizations such as TAE and Planeteer group we engage in projects that educates communities on good hygiene and sanitation issues.

Women empowerment

Youth/Children development

Kingdom Concepts Production

We produce television and radio content of the highest quality and excellence that inform ad inspire

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